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Dashboard loading time for first time is high

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I have a dashboard created in separate app, in its structure it has multiple tabs, there are around 100 panels in the dashboard, whenever we open that app for the first dashboard takes too much time to open it , however after loading panel queries are working at normal speed.

Any suggestion to make it load faster when user open it for the first time. ???

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Hi @shugup2923 100 panels in a single dashboard !... this is the first time i hear this kind of dashboard.

its always better to limit around 10 panels per dashboard.

(the dashboard users may not see all data from all panels.. like, though google says it found 1 million results, we will see only first page or 2/3 pages at the max)


and the other point, like @ITWhisperer said, you can utilize the "base search" ideas, which will be very helpful to speed-up the dashboard.

and, we should know what search or what happens on the panels, to provide suggestions about how to speed up. maybe you can provide more info to us. thanks. 


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we have used tabs for this purpose only, so when user select particular tab then panels under that tab only are running, to improve performance. we have certain filter at the top based on which other panel work. Queries are optimised . Problem is just with the first time loading . Need to understand what factors are causing this behaviour.

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Do you use base searches? Can these searches be combined in some way and filtered in subsequent searches? Can you re-use the results of one search in another search (by capturing the job id from the first query and loading its results in a subsequent panel)? Can you hide some panels until the user chooses to view them? Can you offload some of the panels to another dashboard which the user chooses to view via links or drilldowns? Does the user really need all the panels at once, or can you split the dashboard up for different sets of related panels?

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