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Dashboard doesn't show any results depending on the nature of the content being shown


I have a dashboard that runs a base search, and has panels that populate from it. One of the panels has a custom drilldown that sets a token, and that token is used by another panel.


<search id="basesearch"></search>
<panel><title>panel</title><search base="basesearch"><query>| chart c by Name
  <drilldown><set token="subpanelfilter">$row.Name$</set></drilldown>
<panel><title>subpanel</title><search base="basesearch">
  <query>| search Name="$subpanelfilter$"
    | chart c over SomeOtherField by SomethingElse



The results rendered in "subpanel" either show "No Results" or a list of valid results, depending on what I use for the "chart over" value. For example, if i "chart over AFieldWithLongText" then I get No Results, but if I chart over a different field, results populate.

1 of the fields I am working with is called "Title". An example of Title might be something with this sort of text pattern (to indicate length and the sort of characters found):

     1.18 Do not allow the "quick brown fox" to jump over the lazy dog.


Even if I use `| table Title SomeOtherField`, the "Title" column is just cut out, and only "SomeOtherField" is rendered (so it renders the same as if I'd used "| table SomeOtherField").

What could be causing the results to not render because of field characteristics?


Thanks in advance.

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@brettcave try to have transforming search in your base search and also restrict to fields that are required. Do not use Post Processing to retain all event and fields as is to be used across the dashboard. Refer to one of my older answer around the same along with best practices for Post Processing: https://community.splunk.com/t5/Splunk-Search/Why-do-my-post-process-timecharts-display-quot-no-resu...

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Oh - and if I "Open In Search" from the dashboard, the results load as expected. So it looks like it's related purely to loading in the dashboard.

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