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I would like to set up some Dashboards to aggregate several search results on one page,
but I'm not sure about the exact difference between the "inline search" and "report"? Will the "inline search" run all searches again, so this type of panel will use a lot of performance (but will always be up to date)? Whereas the report-dashboard is using the results of each reports last run? So the report would be much better regarding performance issues?



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Hi HeinzWaescher,

like most of the Splunk related stuff; it all depends what you are trying to achieve.

For example

  • inline search cannot be accelerated, but can use saved search results
  • saved searches can be accelerated, if your result supports it (like stats output)
  • you can create a single dashboard with only one search and postprocess the result in different graphs if the base data for all graphs is the same, see this

In the end it is up to your needs and some try and error approach to setup THE dashboard for your needs.

Update: Not to forget the summary index and how to use it to increase report efficiency, see this docs

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS



thanks for your answer. At the moment I just want to bring some results together and expected, that the results of saved searches and inline search are different in the dashboard. Because when I Clone a saved search to an inline search, Splunk tells me "The inline search: Will run every time the dashboard is loaded". So I expected that a saved search will use some kind of stored results and is much faster.

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