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Daily Top 3 report for bar chart

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I have a code. It can get the top 3 IPs by day, and show it in a bar chart.

... earliest=-10d@d latest=-0d@d | bucket _time span=1d | top 3 IP by _time| timechart span=1d sum(count) by IP

Question one is: these bars aren't close, not every IP will be top 3 every day. I mean these bars disperse in everywhere.

How could I make these bars be close?

Question two is: there are too many IPs, and my chart can't show them all. (I mean this=> <param name="legend.placement">bottom</param>)

How could I show all of these blocks?

My English is not good, I try to describe my questions carefully. Hope you can understand what I mean.

Thanks a lot. 😃

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Re: Daily Top 3 report for bar chart

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<param name="legend.placement">right</param>
<param name="chart.stackMode">stacked</param>

I change my original type.

But I still want to know if there are any other ways. Thanks a lot. 😃

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