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Changing value of x-axis field name and using it in a token


I have a horizontal bar chart where the x-axis values are "fruits", "books", "devices" and "clothes". The x-axis title is "things". I want to change "fruits" to "food", and "devices" to "games". So I used the command "replace fruits with food in things" and similar with "devices", which worked.

Now I want to be able to click on one of the bars and with the x-value, display another panel with the x-value in the query. So I set the token "$thingsv$" with "$click.value$" as the drilldown value. The query in this second panel is something like "index=mainind things="$thingsv$" | top fielda". If I did not change "fruits" to "food", and "devices" to "games", I am able to get the correct results from this query. But with the replace command, I can't get any results when I click on the bar for "food" or "games". I suspect that the query is using "food" and "games" as the filter and so did not return anything.

How can I replace the x-values, and still be able to query the original data with the new (or old) x-values?

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