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Change the color of a line representing one series based on another series

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Hi, I am sorry if this has been asked previously.
In effect, I look for a number of current day wires, and compare that to wires a week ago.
I need to display current day wires (Total_Today) as a line chart and change the color of the line based on a calculation (at present it is a percentage but this may change). These are repesented by eval greencCount, redCount, YellowCount.
Any help is truly appreciated.

index= IndexA source="SourceA" TRXTYPE="Wires" earliest=-0@d latest=now
| timechart span=1h count by TRXTYPE limit=25
| accum "Wires" as accumTotalToday
| timechart last(accum_*) as * span=1h

| appendcols
[search index=IndexA source="SourceA" TRXTYPE="Wires" earliest=-7d@d enddaysago=7
| timechart span=1h count by TRXTYPE limit=25
| accum "Wires" as accumTotalWeekAgo
| timechart last(accum
) as * span=1h | eval time=time+(604800)
] | eval greenCount = if(TotalToday >= TotalWeekAgo,TotalToday,0)
| eval yellowCount = if(TotalToday < TotalWeekAgo AND TotalToday/TotalWeekAgo
100 <=70,TotalToday,0)
| eval redCount = if(Total
Today < TotalWeekAgo AND TotalToday/TotalWeekAgo*100 >70, TotalToday, 0)
| table time TotalToday

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