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Change default "Select..." text in Drop Down.

Hello - I would like to change the default value of "Select..." to "Filter..." how might I go about this?  


I do not want it to be an option as I am using:
<input type="dropdown" token="user" searchWhenChanged="false">
<condition match="len($value$) &gt; 0">
<set token="user">user="$value$"</set>
<set token="user"></set>
|eval test=""</query>


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @jason_hotchkiss ,

As you are populating the drop-down using dynamic values via query, you cannot set the default value for the dropdown.
I tried to give the static value as Filter and set it as a default value in the dropdown. It works as you want but I am not sure how it reacts when it populates the value from the query and the token you use in the subsequent queries.

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