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Change Color Scheme (or Search Bar Color from Green) in 6.0


How can I change the color scheme of the site or, specifically the color of the search bar background from green to a different color?

Same for the 'app' header where your username is located.

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AppBar styling is more restrictive
For consistency between apps, Splunk 6.0 now constrains AppBar customization to color and logo.

To set color, use the color option to the nav element in default.xml. For example:

To set a logo, package appLogo.png within $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps//static

Here are the specifications to use for appLogo.png:

Specification Description
Background Transparent
Width variable
Height 40px (80px @2x)
Margins ~10px top and bottom (20px @2x)
The 40px width should a 10px space at the top and bottom, so the logo should be 20px tall.

However, there is some leeway to go into the margin area, particularly if the logo has any bits that project up or down or it is particularly complex, square or round.

and Search page restyling no longer supported
Splunk 6.0 new search page cannot be customized as it does not load any custom javaScript or CSS.
Copied from : http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.0.1/AdvancedDev/Migration


Looks like that is set by bootstrap.min.css, not a custom file anymore located at $SPLUNK_HOME\share\splunk\search_mrsparkle\exposed\css

it's the .navbar .navbar-inner classes

Additionally if you are going to change that file, i would recommend doing something like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/147500/is-it-possible-to-include-one-css-file-in-another

So that if that css is overwritten, you can simply add back the import of your other css file instead of the whole thing.

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I did manage to get the app bar color to change, but I would like to change the grey/black bar above the appbar to a different color.

My site looks nice except for the green around the search bar on the search page! I was hoping someone found a workaround or there was some changes in the latest release.

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