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Can you help me with my rex search which is returning null values?


hi all,

Please help with my search result which returns null value when I use it in my view. Search results inside a Splunk return required data, nevertheless.

function(_, $, mvc, VisView, SearchManager, ){

    //vis search
    var mySearch1 = new SearchManager({
        id: "mysearch1",
        preview: true,
        cache: true,
        search: "| inputlookup earthquakes.csv | rex field=Datetime \"^.*,\s(?<me>[^_]*\d)\" | table me | head 1",

    var customView = new VisView({
        id: "mycustomview",
        managerid: "mysearch1",
        el: $("#vis1"),

and view is :

define(function(require, exports, module){
    var SimpleSplunkView = require('splunkjs/mvc/simplesplunkview');

    var VisView = SimpleSplunkView.extend({
        className: "visview",
        options: {
            data: "results"
        formatData: function(data) {
            return this; 
        createView: function(){
            return this;
        updateView: function(viz, data) {
            var myResults = data[0];
            this.$el.html("The count of search results: <b>" + myResults + "</b>");
    return VisView;
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can you please share sample data from lookup file?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

hi @bizsplunk

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Try replacing < by &lt; and > by &gt; in your XML

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