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Can't add image to dashboard


I'm trying to add a simple image to my advanced dashboard. This is not turning out to be the easy task I thought it would be.

I have added the jpg to:


I call that img in a file called foo.html;.

Then in my dashboard I did the following:

<module name="ServerSideInclude" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col2">
  <param name="src">'foo.html'</param>

That produces the error:

ServerSideInclude Module Error!

Splunk has failed to locate the template for uri '/APP/MyApp/appserver/static/'foo.html''.

So then I tried doing this within ServerSideInclude):

<img src="${make_url('/static/app/MyApp/foo.jpg')}" alt="My image" />

That produced a similar error.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here.

Here is the HTML I'm using (very simple):

    <img src="xyz.jpg" alt="xyz" />

Only the "alt" text is appearing, not the image. The image resides in the same directory as the HTML file (/splunk/etc/apps/MyApp/appserver/static/xyz.jpg)
Can anyone tell me why the image isn't appearing? 

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Re: Can't add image to dashboard


All you have to do is not put those single quote marks around the src param

<module name="ServerSideInclude" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col2">
  <param name="src">foo.html</param>

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Re: Can't add image to dashboard


I figured it out. The path to the image in the HTML has to look like this: /static/app/MyApp/xyz.jpg

Thanks all for your help!