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Can Multiselect Input have a dynamic default value?


I'd hope something like the following would work:

<input type="multiselect" searchWhenChanged="true" token="FY">
  <label>Fiscal Year</label>
    <query>| savedsearch filter_fiscal_year</query>
   <condition match=" 1 == 1 ">
      <set token="foo">"2014"</set>

Basically I'd like to populate $foo$ with the current fiscal year, while still allowing the user to select multiple fiscal years.
So far my errors suggest either that the token isn't being created properly OR that I can't use a token within the tag.


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Path Finder

Same Problem,
I try to set the $foo$ token during a search at the same dashboard.

Option "Select first coice" doesn't work at multiselect.

URL link doesn't work for me.

Any other ideas?


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I've tried using 'set token=' in each possible spot in the XML hierarchy and have come to the conclusion that it simply does not work, I have not witnessed a new token get created.
Also, tokens do not work in the 'default' field. As far as I can tell the reason is that the 'default' value becomes part of the URL for the form, and tokens are not parsed yet.
So, what I do to populate a default value is build it into the URL for the form. In your case it would be something like:

and remove the $foo$ stuff.

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