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Can I put several views in one page?


Can Splunk do that?? Thank u for any help.

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using advanced xml you will need the module TimeRangePicker with each of your chart,something like this:

<module name="TimeRangePicker" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col1" group="MyTitle">
<param name="searchWhenChanged">True</param>
<param name="selected">Last 24 hours</param>
<module name="HiddenSavedSearch" autoRun="True">
  <param name="useHistory">false</param>
  <param name="savedSearch">MySavedSearch</param>
  <!--<module name="ResultsHeader">
<param name="entityName">scanned</param>
    <param name="entityLabel">events scanned</param>
  <module name="HiddenChartFormatter">
    <param name="chart">pie</param>
    <module name="FlashChart">
      <param name="width">100%</param>
      <param name="height">350px</param>
      <module name="ViewRedirectorLink">
        <param name="viewTarget">flashtimeline</param>
        <param name="label">View full results</param>

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi zeaxodarap,

Yes you can put multiple reports and / or saved searches into dashboards.

Dashboards are one of the most common types of views, and they are among the easiest to build. Each dashboard is made up of panels that can contain charts, tables, event lists, HTML, and text. Most panels are hooked up to searches that kick off when the dashboard is loaded, providing you with up-to-the-moment metrics and analysis. You can design dashboards to provide insight into just about any aspect of your IT data, from real-time breakdowns of online sales revenue to lists and charts detailing recent firewall attacks and other security concerns.

Use dashboards to highlight interesting and useful aspects of your data, link to important searches and display common reports. For example, make a network operations console where you can see an overview of your entire network, find out which machines are down and be notified of any firewall violations. Or, build a business analytics dashboard that shows how many people have visited your website today and how many successful purchases have gone through your system.

Have a look here to understand how to build your own dashboards:





I'm building a dashboard using advanced xml. And I want to add a time range picker for each chart. But now I can only create a search bar with time range picker for one view. I want to put these views together...This is the problem I meet

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