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Can I display the results from multiple queries in a single value panel?

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I have some queries:

index=job_console source="DEV2" "Finished:" | sort - _time
<_time value here> Result: 2018-10-16T12:43:04.100-0700 line:30 Finished: FAILURE

index=job_console source="DEV2" "Finished: SUCCESS" | sort - _time
<_time value here> Result: 2018-10-16T12:15:14.888-0700 line:20 Finished: SUCCESS

index=jenkins_console source="DEV2" "DATAFLOW " | sort - _time
<_time value here> 2018-10-16T12:43:03.125-0700 line:26 DATAFLOW FAIL: RFL_REPL

I want to display the last run status, which is "FAILURE" from the above first query, the last successful time _time, which is from the second query, and the failure reason for the last run which is from the 3rd query in a single value panel, use the "title" fields.

Can I can do all three queries?


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