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Can I configure Splunk to export a PDF as displayed in a Simple XML Dashboard?



I am looking for a way to export a PDF of a dashboard with the same layout as shown in the dashboard.
When I export a PDF from the dashboard, panels and charts are re-arranged (vertically aligned).

Does anyone know how to export a PDF as shown in the dashboard?

Any comments would be helpful,

Thank you!


@melonman, there is an app on splunkbase which does this.


But, unfortunately it is not supported in Splunk cloud (as of writing this comment).

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Join the club! It's a feature I'd really like to see in Splunk. Almost as much as EMF or PPT scheduled exports.

I've been told the best way is to use the print to pdf functionality of your browser.
Yes, that means you can't schedule it and you can't have it sent by email automatically.


That is right, I can only use print from browser... ummm

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