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Calling a report from a drop down menu

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I have an app where the default dashboard has a search bar where I can select from a number of scenarios for which I can display data.  One of those scenarios is a drop down titled "Locking".  Underneath this I am presented with a list of database environments.  I need to be able to display reports that I've written from from each of the selections under Locking.  Can someone explain to me how that might be done? 

Here is what the XML for the navigation looks like.  Where is says "locktroubleshooter_prod" and "locktroubleshooter_uit", I want to call a report.  Currently, these are views that use Advanced XML an we have upgraded to 8.0.3, and the views no longer work because Advanced XML was deprecated.

   <collection label="Search">
      <view name="DB_Search" />
   <collection label="Dashboard">
      <view name="default_dash" default="true" />
   <collection label="CPU">
      <view name="cpu" />
   <collection label="Memory">
      <view name="memory_instance" />
      <view name="memory_set_info" />
      <view name="memory_pool_info_by_set_type" />
      <view name="memory_pool_info_by_pool_type" />
   <collection label="IO">
      <view name="io_sync" />
      <view name="io_async_data" />
      <view name="io_async_index" />
      <view name="io_direct" />
   <collection label="Network">
      <view name="network_bandwidth" />
   <collection label="Locking">
      <view name="locktroubleshooter_prod" />
      <view name="locktroubleshooter_uit" />
   <collection label="Queries">
      <collection label="Overview">
         <view name="queries_overview" />
            <collection label="Top SQL">
            <view name="queries_topsql" />
      <collection label="Database Size">
         <view name="dbsize" />
         <view name="dbgrowth" />
         <view name="tablesize" />
         <view name="tablegrowth" />
      <collection label="Views">
         <view name="helloworldview" />
         <collection label="Others">
            <view source="unclassified" />

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@davidharter take a backup of existing Advanced XML dashboard like memory_pool_info_by_set_type and create a new Dashboard with the same name i.e. "Memory Pool Info by Set Type" and create a panel with the reference to existing report 

Following is an Example of new memory_pool_info_by_set_type.xml ,

  <label>Memory Pool Info by Set Type</label>
      <title>Panel From Report</title>
        <search ref="Your Corresponding Memory Pool Report Name Goes Here"></search>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>
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