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Building a dashboard with dynamic drop-down filters?

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I have 3 drop downs added,

Timeframe, Report Name, Path Category

Timeframe is fine.

I have added 5 options including All under Report Name which is hardcoded under static values (All, Moovweb, SFCC, Akamai, SFCC core)

Under Path Category I have added hardcoded static values with name and value. (All, PDP, PLP, MW api, MW Search, Cart api, Akamai search, Akamai checkout flow, Akamai account flow, SFCC Core search)

With static option, if I select Moovweb, I get all results under path category drop down. but what Iam looking for is just 5 values: All, PDP, PLP, MW Api, MW Search, Cart Api

same way: for Akamai: All, PDP, PLP, Akamai search, Akamai checkout flow, Akamai account flow

How can I achieve this, with one report name, I need specific path categories?

One more point: in the above dashboard I have included 19 panels (different sites) where Splunk query has been added, where the result change according to the above selections)

Can anyone please check this on priority and revert.

Thanks in advance!!


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Use a search for the third dropdown which uses the token from the second dropdown to filter the options. This search can be made using makeresults and your "static" choices.

| makeresults
| fields - _time
| eval category=case($report|s$ = "All",mvappend("All", "PDP", "PLP", "MW api", "MW Search", "Cart api", "Akamai search", "Akamai checkout flow", "Akamai account flow", "SFCC Core search"), $report|s$ = "Moovweb", mvappend("All", "PDP", "PLP", "MW Api", "MW Search", "Cart Api"), $report|s$ = "Akamai", mvappend("All", "PDP", "PLP", "Akamai search", "Akamai checkout flow", "Akamai account flow"))
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can you share what you currently have? Please use </> editor element to ensure that we got what you add to post!

r. Ismo

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