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App "Splunk Enterprise Dashboards Beta" - 503 Service Unavailable



Hi everyone!

I'm inside a dashboard created using the Splunk Enterprise Dashboards Beta app, trying in the edit mode to add an icon by clicking a button that should show me a drilldown menu with various icon options. Unfortunately I got instead the following error message:

503 Service Unavailable

The same error is produced when I try to upload a background image from the Configuration section.

For a better understanding I inserted two screenshots depicting the mentioned problem.

Error 503-adding an iconError 503-adding an icon

Error 503-adding a background imageError 503-adding a background image

It is important to notice that for the background image the image seems to be uploaded correctly by seeing the image resized but apart from the presence of the error immediately after the upload the image itself is not displayed in the dashboard.

Does anyone have any idea or something like that about it?

Thanks in advance.


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