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App Development: on startup of an app i'm building, how do I set global variable that can be used in dashboards?

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This may be a beginners question ... not sure ... but I have looked around and performed a fair bit of reading ...

I'm starting w/ basic app development.

When my app starts up — or on change later — I want the user to provide a hostname to my app (e.g. hostname). That hostname is then referenced in dashboards throughout the app (e.g. via $hostname$) to ensure the relevant searches etc are using that hostname. I tried using setup.xml and then using the $ notation to access the variable ... but that did not work. I suspect I'm going in the wrong direction. Still investigating but figured I'd ask the experts 🙂

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Define "global" ? Do you want the value to be saved between reboots/visits to other dashboards/apps etc? or just for the duration of the current view?

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