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.conf21 Is a Wrap: Splunk Community Recap


And just like that... .conf21 in behind us, and what a wonderful collection of experiences it has been. You may have seen me popping in here or there, and I know I saw plenty of YOU... on the virtual stage with your fabulous breakout sessions... on the Twitch steam and keynote stage with our illustrious new SplunkTrust... and in our Virtual Community Lounge. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 8.31.48 AM.pngWould you believe that a whopping 32,322 of you registered for the event from 136 countries across our customer, prospect, partner and Splunker communities, and that 20,542 of you participated live?! We also unveiled a number of advancements across our portfolio of products, which you can catch up on over at our Product News & Announcements blog, or just right into the announcements for platform, security, or observability, not to mention sign up for our new Beta for Splunk Enterprise. In total, more than 112k sessions were attended across the two days, the virtual booths clocked 26k+ of you stopping by, and we even had 80+ of you pop in to our Community Virtual hangout after-hours... so I think it's fair to say... y'all are living your best .conf life. 💅

What was MY favorite moment of .conf21, you might ask? Well... surely I'm biased... but it was a straight up tie between the induction of our new 2021 SplunkTrust AND seeing them in their VIP virtual front-row seats during the main .conf21 keynote! Our SplunkTrust, selected annually, represent some of our most knowledgable, most passionate, and most contributing community members across all of our programs. And this year we welcomed 13 new members alongside 56 returning members. You can check out @jhupka_splunk 's blog post, learn more about the program, and look for the fez around the community!

If you missed it, never fear... .conf Online is here! More than 200 breakout sessions are now available, with slides and video, and of course still absolutely free for our community. (Pro Tip: check out the filters on the left 👈  to narrow down all that awesome content... by track, role, industry, product, and more.) And if you're looking for "tips" from some of our "pros," then I highly recommend checking out the SplunkTrust Track Sessions from this year's event. They're... they're just... ... ... *chef's kiss emoji*. (Yeah... I spelled out the emoji.)

But if I could recommend only one thing to watch (or re-watch!), it would have to be the the .conf21 Keynote and Super Sessions. They're all chocked full of Splunk-y goodness, and include:

With all of this awesome content available online, I know some of you are wondering where some of the event's "Feature Sessions" are (*cough* *cough* Mark Hamill *cough*). Unfortunately, if it isn't already available in .conf21 Online, then it likely means we don't have permission to make that content available on demand. Sorry 'bout that, but it just means you've got to tune in next year and sign up for notifications about .conf22.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 8.33.37 AM.pngDo YOU have a favorite session? Favorite track? Favorite magic moment?
We want to hear about it!

Even with all the recommendations here AND some amazing tracks, learning paths, and call-outs, it can be challenging honing in on what might have been extra special or helpful. So SOUND OFF, community! You never know when there might be an extra special surprise in it for sharing YOUR "Best of .conf21" with everyone!

Stay Awesome,

Bryan Jennewein - Sr. Director, Splunk Community

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