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Tune in and win: Dungeons & Data Monsters Viewing Info & Swag Drops

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's YOUR turn to throw the dice... with Dungeons & Data Monsters: Splunk O11y Day Edition!

Now that we've finalized our players...


... our focus shifts to YOU, our broader community audience, and your chance to help our players with their quest and... take home some fabulous prizes!

During each game, we'll be dropping links in Splunk's live Twitch stream for you to claim some wicked cool swag, including:


  • Dungeons & Data Monsters D20 Dice Set w/ Pouch (hundreds of these!) 
  • Splunk's What's Cooking limited edition printed book (hundreds of these, too!)
  • Dungeons & Data Monsters DnD Inspiration Tokens (set of 6) (hundreds of these, too!)
  • Dungeons & Data Monsters Mini Drone (yep... hundreds of these little ones, too!)
  • Dungeons & Data Monsters Metallic D20 Dice Set w/ Leather Case (more than a handful for our most helpful viewers!)
  • Special Splunk O11y Day Edition Regular Drone (more than a handful for our most helpful viewers again!)

Prizes and link drops will be different both nights, so block those calendars, brew your bevy of choice, kick back, help our players, and claim those prizes, nerds! (It's first click, first get, so be ready and act fast!)

Don't forget  we'll have a special community guest during our 5/4 game (some call her the "OG," others call her "that wicked smart Splunk enthusiast") and on 5/4 we'll call her Tungsten Mentos, the Dragonborn War Cleric!

Also, don't forget, we'll have the legendary Felicia Day joining our 5/5 game. Will she reprise her role as GG, the Party Bard? Or will she bring an entirely new character to the table? You gotta tune in to find out!

Does our community have the best events? You bet your sweet SaaS we do! 

Roll with Advantage, nerds!