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This Week's Community Digest - Splunk Community Happenings [7.18.22]


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News From Splunk Answers ✍️

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 2.21.47 PM.pngSplunk Answers is the place to get help, advice, and problems solved by your fellow community members. We know how much time and dedication it takes to reply to threads and join the conversations that help our community learn, grow, and get support. These folks have authored 2,500+ responses, whoa! That's...a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

@isoutamo , @ITWhisperer , @Ayn , @somesoni2 , @martin_mueller , @sideview , @DalJeanis , @to4kawa , @jkat54 , @woodcock , @MuS , @richgalloway , @lguinn2 , @gkanapathy , @gcusello 

Upcoming User Group Events! 👏

We've got a mix of in-person and hybrid events coming up for you to join!

July Upcoming User Group Events:

  • Edinburgh Splunk User Group (In-person + Hybrid) July 19 [RSVPFor the first time since 2019, the Edinburgh Splunk User Group will be meeting up in person. Not to leave people out, we will be experimenting with a Hybrid approach, so feel free to join in online! Check out the RSVP link for more details.
  • Denver Splunk User Group July 20 (Hybrid) [RSVPCome grab a pint and get your hands dirty with OpenTelemetry and Splunk APM! In this session, we will walk you through how to instrument your applications with OpenTelemetry and Splunk Application Performance Monitoring to standardize and enhance your distributed tracing!
  • Cleveland Splunk User Group (In-person) July 26 [RSVP] Join us at Baldwin Wallace for a Presentation from Dru Streicher on how he and his team automate Splunk Administration tasks at Sherwin-Williams!

As always, you can search the full list of User Groups to find meetups in all locations.

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— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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