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The .conf22 Community Experience

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This year's .conf was extra-special as we finally got the chance to see one another in person again for the first time since 2019! It felt like a family reunion of people who haven't seen each other in three or more years. And, at this hybrid event, whether you were able to attend in Las Vegas in person or virtually online, the Splunk community presence was strong.

Conf Audience.jpegcommunity lounge.jpg

The Community Hub became the main spot for people to hang out, connect, see old friends, and meet new people with a ton of social energy bursting throughout the space. Members of the Community Team staff and the SplunkTrust were there to welcome you, share learnings about what the community has to offer, joke around, give out hugs and swag, and even help folks with technical questions about using Splunk at "Ask the Experts" - right on the spot. Our core community programs really came to life: Splunk Answers, SplunkTrust, and User Groups. We had our first ever UG training in person and the new Southern Utah User Group was started, too! Many of you there also became new users of Splunk Answers and joined the Community Slack channel, too!

The Community sessions garnered great attendance, as well as the 25 SplunkTrust breakout sessions that were geared toward people using Splunk every day. If you missed them, no worries, just click those links (and make sure you're signed in first)!

BSides Splunk was thrilled to have a stage to share some of their past talks over the last three years. Attendees were mesmerized by previous speaker Ryan Wood, once again, and had the amazing opportunity to experience Jonathan Wagner's passion, a first-time speaker for BSides Splunk.

The icing on the cake? Watching Snoop Dogg perform both DJ'ing and singing at the Search Party. The SplunkTrust and Community team watched the show from the VIP tent with Splunk founders Rob Das and Erik Swan. It was also quite a treat to watch Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) speak at the closing keynote. Woohoo!

Search party.jpg

Want to see all of the .conf22 sessions? Check out these instructions:

From, you can navigate to:

  • Click "Watch" (at the top of the page), then .conf Online for breakout sessionsthen .conf22 Replays for Opening Mainstage and Super Sessions.

There are a few updates for viewing .conf Online breakout content.

  • .conf20 + .conf21 sessions are available to all
  • access to .conf22 breakouts is based on the different pass types that existed this year.

Splunkers will have access to all published breakouts for .conf20, 21 and 22. Sign-in or log-in with a account is still required. Splunkers will need to sign in via the '"Sign in and access sessions" pink button, or the sign-in hyperlink in the light gray bar.

We couldn't have been more excited about the outcome of the conference and can't wait until next year's .conf23 event!

— Your ever-loving Splunk Community Team 😍

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