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The Best of Community @.conf20

Community Manager
Community Manager

It was such a blast hanging out with the Splunk Community at .conf20! If you couldn't make it — or just want to relive the good times — we got you! Full session recordings and presentation slides are available online here and below is a collection of community-based highlights from the event.

Community stole the show with super-popular breakout sessions in the Splunk4U and SplunkTrust tracks. These sessions were ranked the highest by attendees who participated in the post-breakout surveys. Check out the fan favorites:

Splunk4U Tracks:

SplunkTrust Tracks:


This was the first time that the SplunkTrust had its own dedicated track at .conf and SplunkTrust members staffed the “Ask The Experts” section, answering your questions about using Splunk in real-time. A whopping 74 members were inducted into the group at .conf20, too.

We upped our game this year by introducing a new live-streaming DnD-based event, Dungeons & Data Monsters! More than 3K viewers joined the audience and chatted the nights away with our group of superior players, including celebrity guest Felicia Day. On the first of three evenings of DnD role-playing action, she ripped it up with hilarious quips and dazzling outfits that kept the entertainment rolling at high levels until the wee hours 🌙. Amazing times were had in the dungeon!


Splunk User Groups got a boost of ❤️ at .conf20. We added 170+ new members, received six new leader applications, and hosted a special session that was a total hit. Watch it here: Creating A Community: Tips for Starting and Building A Successful Splunk User Group.

Ok, let’s talk about the Community Lounge chat room for a sec. Did someone say #freehoodie? Oh yes, they did, many, many, many times :). Congrats to those of you who earned enough badges on the site to get one! We were thrilled that people joined from across the globe to mingle and joke around throughout .conf20. It made things feel a little more "real" and a bit less virtual.

Last, but definitely not least, the closing keynote was a sweet way to end .conf20. Will Ferrell had an awesomely funny and quite endearing discussion with Carrie Palin, Splunk’s SVP & Chief Marketing Officer. We learned a lot about Will, like the importance of MORE COWBELL in life and his love for specific snacks in the Splunk office kitchens (R.I.P.). Does he use Splunk himself? Maybe not. Does he yearn for our granola bars? Most certainly.

We want to hear about your .conf20 experience! Share your favorite .conf20 moments with us in the comment section below👇

The Splunk Community Team sends you joyful, safe, and positive vibes as we enter the holiday season and 2020 comes to a close.  Finally!

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk