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The 2021 Splunkie Award Nominations are now OPEN!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


Allow me to re-introduce myself ... My name is KAELA

K to the A - E

I gotta tell you about something that is the SPLUNKIES.

Okay, okay I'll stop while I am ahead. I know I am no Jay-Z, but this public service announcement you don't wanna miss. The 2021 Splunkie Awards are now open for nominations! 

This is your opportunity to show some love to those standout customers and colleagues who have achieved remarkable things with Splunk.

conf21-splunkie-awards-blog-featured (2).jpg

This year we have 6 awards, with the addition of our brand new ‘Ready-for-Everything Award’ that recognizes the users who have relied on Splunk to help them navigate the tumultuous pandemic and drive positive outcomes for their business/organization by leveraging data.

And now...the awards!

  • The Data Heroes Award
  • The Innovation Award
  • The Developer Award
  • The Community Award
  • The Ecosystem Award
  • The Ready-for-Everything Award

A couple of key things to know:

  • Winners will be notified and announced on September 10th, 2021 via a special video by a certain VP for Marketing Special Ops and Catering at the Splunk T-Shirt Company.
  • Winners will receive a personalized trophy and VIP treatment during .conf21 (in-person or virtual).

Make sure to spread the word about the Splunkie Awards and submit your nominations by August 27th! See the full description of the awards on the nomination page, which can be found here. Please email me at if you have any questions.

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