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Thank you and Looking Forward to a Splunky New Year!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Merry-merry to our Lovely Community! It’s Been Quite Another Amazing Year Around the sun, and we Always Thank you for Your Contributions Here.

The massive volume of giving and dedication that you share every day is not lost on us, not by a long shot. A special shout-out goes to our 36 Splunk Answers moderators who keep the midnight oil burning to ensure that Answers continues to be a friendly, safe, and productive place to get help, advice, and problems solved by your fellow community members. We actually did a training with the group in the fall of 2022 and added five new moderators, so let’s give them a big, warm welcome. Mods constantly work hard to run a tight ship.

When Looking at the Numbers for 2022, Here’s a Snapshot of What's Been Goin' on  👀

  • 11,069 Topics Started
  • 32,012 Replies to Topics
  • 9,948 Karma Given Between Members
  • 3,649 Solutions Accepted

And, you know how much we love data, so - more numbers! This year, community members have been quite busy. We have welcomed 9,731 new members (woo-hoo! 🎊) , seen 1,905 members give karma to someone else (that's so much ❤️),  6 folks have authored 100 solutions or more (hey, that's a lot of ✍️), and 3 peeps have started more than 100 topics 💪A total of 4,150 attendees joined 186 User Groups, and we welcomed 13 new UG leaders, so congrats to each of them! On the Ideas front, of the whopping 2,564 ideas that were moderated, 86 of them became brand-new features and many others were folded into parts of the Splunk product.

At .conf22 the SplunkTrust accounted for 10% of the conference breakouts with 25 sessions! You can view slides and watch replays via our .conf22 website.  A nice feature was SplunkTrust member Tom Kopchak's session, "PLA1135B - Administrators Anonymous IV: Splunk Best Practices and Useful Tricks I Learned the Hard W...". It's a great place to start for all Splunk administrators.image (14).png

More Highlights From 2022:

Again, we want to thank you for your ongoing contributions and support to this vibrant community that thrives more and more each day because you are here.

Have a Safe and Cheery New Year, Friends! ☮️

— Your Fun-Lovin' Splunk Community Team

@alan_a , @Anam , @brwalker_ , @evania , @jhupka_splunk , @rwoods_splunk , @sensitive_thug @yeasuh 

Speaking of team members, we are thrilled to welcome Alan Aisbitt as Director of Community. Alan, who originally hails from Ireland, has a decade of experience building online and in-person communities and he is excited to get to know more of you in 2023. Please feel free to reach out to @alan_a  to say hi or if you need anything. Welcome aboard, Alan! ⬇️


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