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Take the 2021 Splunk Career Survey for $50 in Amazon Cash

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Help us learn about how Splunk has impacted your career by taking the 2021 Splunk Career Survey. Last year’s resulting State of Splunk Careers Report was a great success and we’re certain this survey will even further identify new areas of opportunity for you to move up in your career, expand your career, and help us keep your community a vital part of both. We also hope it will highlight the high demand for Splunk practitioners.

The survey asks questions about you, your organization, your depth of Splunk knowledge, and your career. Every piece of information you provide will be anonymized, so rest assured that your privacy and data will be 100% protected. The more honestly and completely that you answer these questions will lend to the most accurate results, so we appreciate your time invested in filling it out!

We will:

  • Anonymize and summarize the data across all responses
  • Publish the results and share them back with the community
  • Give you $50 of cash if you provide one of the first 500 qualified completed responses.

We will NOT:

  • Use your responses for any marketing purposes whatsoever
  • Share your responses with any recruiters, partners, or vendors

Participation is completely voluntary, and your choice to participate or not participate will have no impact on participation in Splunk’s communities or programs.

Take the survey now! And, thank you!

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

UPDATE: This year's survey has now closed. Stay tuned for the results, which we will share soon!

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