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State of Splunk Careers: Find out What Your Skills are Worth

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Broadening your skillset is always a good idea, but it's crucial to be strategic about where to put the investment in learning. Expertise in Splunk puts tech professionals at a greater advantage for better job security, confidence, and career advancement. We asked 245 Splunk practitioners to share their thoughts — and data — about the impact this skill has on their salary, promotability, and marketability. Overall, they are earning 42% more in total compensation than IT admins who don't know how to use Splunk and they are much more satisfied at work. 

Data expertise is unlocking incredible career opportunities. 

The findings in the Splunk Careers Report illustrate how important it is to have in-demand, highly portable skills in technologies like Splunk. This expertise leads to long term value for both employers and employees, and 87% of organizations see themselves in a better competitive position today as a result of using Splunk. That means they are willing to spend more to hire Splunk experts, which translates directly into job security as a practitioner.

"Splunk has allowed me to escape a career dead-end. I've nearly tripled my salary in three years. I'm now positioned to learn useful, growing technologies.” - Careers Survey Respondent

Splunk’s expertise means higher earning potential.

Splunk mastery not only leads to increased salaries, but it also raises job satisfaction. IT leaders with less experience using Splunk might be high in the ranks hierarchically, but they are behind in terms of pay. Knowledge is what really matters, regardless of age, and those with more skills are earning 66% more money than their novice counterparts. 

“If I hadn't been certified as a Splunk Architect (version 6.x), I would not have received the 57% raise I did when changing positions.” - Careers Survey Respondent


Learning Splunk leads to more fulfilling work and higher value as an employee.

Another advantage of Splunk’s expertise is the ability to stretch into new opportunities. 63% of our respondents grew their focus area to something more interesting when they were freed from mundane IT management tasks. The opportunity to do more exciting work has a clear impact on career development and motivation. 84% said they've been asked to work on a stretch assignment, join a special task force, or work on a strategic project outside of their normal job scope in the past 24 months. 

“Honestly, I was about ready to 'quit IT'. Then I was moved to a new role where I set up and managed our Splunk instance. It completely reignited my passion for work.” - Careers Survey Respondent

Access the report!

Empower yourself with facts that we learned from people who have thriving careers across key industries including technology, financial, education, and business services, among others. There is real value in developing these skills because they will appreciate over time. Splunk knowledge opens the door to better job security, more money, and opportunities to advance — and control — your career.

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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