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SplunkTrust 2022 Nominations and Applications are now Open!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

tl;dr: SplunkTrust Nominations and Applications are open now through Aug 25th!
Nominate a peer for the SplunkTrust with this form; and/or apply for your own spot with this form.

It’s That Time of Year!

Knowledge is great... but helping is even better! Are you a rock-star-helper-outer in our community? Or have you seen a few exemplary members helping others? Now is the time to recognize and reward our most helpful and contributing community members by considering them for our SplunkTrust MVP program

Nominating Someone for the SplunkTrust...

Annually since 2015, Splunk has selected exemplary members of the Splunk community to join the SplunkTrust. Any community member can nominate their peers for selection in the program, and community members may also apply for a spot themselves.  

What makes a great submission? We’re not looking for people who know the most about Splunk; we already have training and certifications to reflect that knowledge. We look for people who are passionate about helping their peers be successful using whatever Splunk & domain knowledge they have. 

If you know of someone who represents these values, use this form to nominate them. We’ll make sure any nominees have an opportunity to apply before the deadline. In your nomination, be sure to tell us how they have helped you, or others, to be successful, and other community-supporting accomplishments. 

Applying for the SplunkTrust...

Do you feel you fit these values? Or were you recently nominated and want to formally apply? Let us know by using this form to apply yourself. Tell us about yourself, your community-focused accomplishments, and encourage your peers to submit nominations on your behalf. We love celebrating the exceptional members of our Splunk community.

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About the Selection Process

This year's SplunkTrust selection process will include four phases:  1. Submission, 2. Analysis, 3. Hammer Fight, and 4. Induction.

1. Submission

Each candidate, whether nominated by someone else or applying themselves, must complete their own application. We plan to accept applications through Wednesday, August 25th, 2021. There are no limits to how many nominations you can submit, and there are no limits on the quantity of applications we will consider. So nominate often! 

2. Analysis

We'll compile all applications and enrich them with data from various community platforms and programs (Splunk Answers, User Groups, Community Slack, and more). We also ask existing members to help rate applicants,  and all of this information is provided to the members involved in Hammer Fight so they may review applicants prior to the final selection.

3. Hammer Fight

Over a dozen Splunk employees gather for an hours-long meeting to discuss all of the applicants and determine the new SplunkTrust cohorts. Hammer Fight is the colloquial name given to this final selection process. We don’t recall exactly when the name Hammer Fight became associated with this, and there are no hammers or fighting actually involved in the process 😀.  

4. Induction

Last, and most excitedly, is notifying and welcoming next year's cohorts. Selected members will be notified mid-September of their status. At .conf21 we will have an induction ceremony to welcome the members of the SplunkTrust and provide them with a fez. Selected members do not need to attend .conf21 in-person or virtually.

So... you have a few short weeks to nominate your peers or apply yourself, and I really hope you do both! Because the only thing better than being an exemplary, passionate, and helpful member of our community is doing it in a stylish new fez!

In Fez We Trust,

Jason Hupka, Sr. Manager and Principal Trust Wrangler

P.S. Questions are welcome! Just comment below! Here are a few of the more common questions I hear...


I’m a Splunk expert, so can I be on the SplunkTrust?

  • Remember, selection is not based on what you know, but how you help others with whatever you know.

I am already a SplunkTrust member. Do I need to re-apply?

  • Yes - the SplunkTrust cohort is selected annually so you must re-apply

Do I need to attend .conf21 if I am selected for the SplunkTrust?

  • No - you do not need to attend .conf21 if selected. We do have an induction ceremony at the conference, but you do not need to be present to accept the honor.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  • African or European?

How many SplunkTrust members do you select?

  • We do not have a set number of membership slots for the program.

When will I know if I have been selected for the SplunkTrust?

  • We plan to notify all applicants the week of September 16th, 2021 of their status.


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