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The holiday season brought us some wonderful gifts: all kinds of great conversations, a large supply of helpful solutions, and new toys to play with. The community is busier than ever with a new year in full swing. And, we thought it would be nice to take a little time out to appreciate some of the good stuff that’s been happening around these parts lately.

Top 5 most-viewed solutions last month

thumbsup.pngHere's a roundup of the most popular solutions on Splunk Answers, based on views in December. It’s no surprise that they’re all related to Splunk Search, which continues to be the most popular topic. But, what’s interesting is that each thread was started at least nine years ago (one is from 2009!). It just goes to show how valuable this content is as time goes by, and how much the deep history of people helping each other out in the community serves as a powerful tool for navigating Splunk.

Help with Splunk training & certification

computerhat.pngWe noticed a lot of people asking questions about Splunk tutorials and labs, so we launched a new Training & Certification board to give them a new home. This board helps newcomers to Splunk understand the in’s and out’s of things like signing up for courses, getting certified, what to do if you hit a roadblock during a training session, and new classes you can take beyond the basics. Before jumping into convos on the T&C board, check out this post from the team at Splunk. It includes a ton of resources to guide you on your journey through the learning process.

Launch of Splunk User Group Hubs 

Splunk User Groups have been bringing Splunk aficionados together IRL in local areas for some time, and in November we launched a new virtual format in the User Group Hubs forums. If someone would like to continueheartpeoplebig.png a discussion from a meeting, start a new topic, or if leaders or attendees have questions for each other, this is the place to keep those connections going and growing. If you’re not already a member of the group in your region, you can sign up on the main User Groups page.

Community and the start of 2021!

Splunk’s community programs are powered by our dedicated members (hundreds of thousands of you, to be exact-ish). You can expect great things this year as we keep expanding, changing, and working to improve your experiences on Answers, User Groups, SplunkTrust, and Ideas.

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk