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New Learning Videos on Topics Most Requested by You! Plus This Month’s New Splunk Lantern Articles

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk Lantern is a customer success center that provides advice from Splunk experts on valuable data insights, key use cases, and tips on managing Splunk more efficiently.

We also host Getting Started Guides for a range of Splunk products, a library of Product Tips, and Data Descriptor articles which help you see everything that’s possible with data sources and data types in Splunk.

This month we’re excited to share some great new video content on Splunk Lantern, produced by our friends at Splunk Education. These videos feature Splunk experts addressing hot topics requested by customers like you, with in-product demos so you can see exactly how to apply their guidance.

As well as our new video content, this month we’ve also published lots of other helpful articles to share with you - read on to find out more.

Brand New Education Videos

Risk-based alerting is one of our most popular topics on Splunk Lantern, so we’re happy to add to our library with a new RBA video. Investigating interesting behavior patterns with risk-based alerting features RBA expert, Hayley Mills, demonstrating how to work with these alerts in Splunk Enterprise Security.


If you’ve ever wondered how to more effectively demonstrate data trends and talk about insights from Splunk data with teams who don’t get hands-on with Splunk, Telling stories with your data using data visualizations is a great article for you. In this video, we show you how to use visualizations in the Splunk platform to create compelling charts, helping you to better tell compelling stories about what your Splunk deployment is showing you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Common Information Model, Normalizing values to a common field name with the Common Information Model (CIM) provides all the foundational learning you need to understand the CIM, and demonstrates to you how it works in action.

Using Table Views in Splunk Enterprise helps you to tidy up issues with data quality. This video helps you to concatenate or rename fields, extract fields, or rework null values, all in a quick way without needing to run a lot of searches.

We’ve also featured a bunch of videos this month that are all concerned with running faster, more efficient and more effective searches. Troubleshooting and investigating searches in Splunk Cloud Platform is an essential watch if you’re a Splunk Cloud Platform user who finds that sometimes, searches don’t run as expected - whether they’re running slowly, or knowledge objects in your environment aren’t behaving as expected. Chris from Splunk Education walks you through how to dig into the details of searches and identify areas to be adjusted.

Using advanced macros in Splunk Enterprise teaches you how to create macros so you can reuse portions of your Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL) queries in other searches or independently.

If you’re interested in creating searches with lower performance loads, Using summary indexing to accelerate searches is a great article for you to see how to create summaries of your event data - smaller segments of event data populated by background searches that only include the data needed to fulfill the search.


Finally, Returning terms or indexed fields from event indexes with the Walklex command helps you to optimize or improve event segmentation within your deployment, with the aim to make searches faster and use less disk space.

What Else?

As well as our new video articles, we’ve also published a lot of new articles covering a multitude of other topic areas. Here are a few highlights:

Our Splunk 9.0.2 FAQ is a popular read right now for anyone looking for the latest upgrade-related questions and answers.

Getting Started with Splunk RUM has received a complete update and is a comprehensive resource for anyone wondering how to get proficient with RUM.

As well as these, we’ve published a whole host of new use cases and product tips across Security and Observability. Here’s the full list:

We hope you’ve found this update helpful. Thanks for reading!

— Kaye Chapman, Customer Journey Content Curator for Splunk Lantern

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