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Lighting Your way With This Month’s new Lantern Articles

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey Splunkers! Here’s your monthly Splunk Lantern update highlighting some of the top content we’ve published over the past month.

Splunk Lantern is a self-help adoption resource hub providing step-by-step, business outcome-oriented guidance to help you achieve key security and observability use cases.

We also host Getting Started Guides for a range of Splunk products, a library of Product Tips, and Data Descriptor articles which help you see everything that’s possible with data sources and data types in Splunk.

Here’s a full breakdown of everything we’ve published in the past month.

New Data Articles

This month we’ve added a number of new articles focusing on Blockchain data, thanks to a new collaboration with Splunk’s blockchain team.

Our new Blockchain data page provides a complete rundown of the different ways you can work with blockchain data in Splunk. It contains a number of Getting Started guides for Splunk apps and connectors that help you ingest blockchain data, such as The Splunk App for ConsenSys Quorum. These guides walk you through everything you’ll need to know to get these configured, helping you help you gain visibility and monitoring of the blockchain and take advantage of pre-built dashboards and analytics.

We’ve also added in some specific blockchain data sources, like our new page for Hyperledger Fabric, which contain step-by-steps for the configuration of these data sources plus links to use cases you can accomplish once you’ve got this data source getting ingested into your Splunk environment.

New Observability Articles

We’ve published several articles that, together, demonstrate a best-practice AIOps workflow. They explain how events and alerts from products across Splunk Observability Cloud can be grouped into ITSI episodes, with notifications then going to the team responsible for remediation. The articles should be viewed in sequence and feature several step-by-step videos, with an example organization used to show how you can set up the same workflow within your environment.

We’ve published a couple of interesting Synthetics articles to show you how to set up checks for issues that can commonly impact the customer experience, helping you proactively resolve these issues before customers are impacted. Identifying and responding to website availability issues and Identifying service degradation issues from code changes contain videos that show you how to create these checks.

Several other new observability articles have also been published this month:

New Security Articles

We’ve added several new Security articles this month with helpful guidance across the Splunk Security product suite.

We’ve added to our library of SOAR-specific articles with Managing cases in SOAR and Responding to security incidents using SOAR, both of which demonstrate ways that SOAR can help you refine processes and cut down on MTTR.

If you’re interested in assessing compliance using Splunk products then we’ve got a host of new articles you might find interesting:

Other articles we’ve published this month include:

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We hope you’ve found this update helpful. Thanks for reading!

— Kaye Chapman, Customer Journey Content Curator

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