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Last Chance: 2022 Splunkie Awards Nominations Close Friday May 6th


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The 2022 Splunkie Awards are Splunk's annual customer award celebration, to recognize our best and brightest customers and industry leaders who are using data to power operational excellence and innovation.


That's right... last call for nominations is this week, so why not nominate your favoritest, most Splunkiest human today? 😁 There are six categories this year, with lots of details below! And the nomination process is quick and easy... just fill out this form

This Year's 2022 Splunkie Awards Categories

The Explorer Award
We want to recognize our data partners who have used Splunk to help them meet this moment in history. How did you rely on data to help you navigate the pandemic’s turbulent waters? What were your success stories while tapping into the power of data over the course of the pandemic? And how are you relying on Splunk to help bring you into the future?

The Data Heroes Award
Have you had to overcome complex IT system designs or internal challenges to enable the Splunk platform to shine at your organization? Have you and your tech team wielded Splunk to resolve a significant business issue? Have you educated the business users at your company about the data analytics benefits of using Splunk software? Then this is the award for you.

The Innovation Award
Is your team on a mission to bring data — and Splunk — to every question, decision and action? Do you use Splunk to help make the world a better place? Have you improved the lives of those around you by using Splunk in a creative way? Nominate in this category if you or someone you know is using Splunk for social or environmental causes that have great impact on your community.

The Developer Award
Are you a guru-level developer or part of an amazing developer team? Do you know a user who has expanded the capabilities of Splunk software using the Splunk SDKs, REST APIs or other tools? Submit your nomination for the Developer Award.

The Community Award
Calling all Splunk virtuosos! Do people flock to you online or in person with their Splunk needs? Have you inspired others to start using or making the most of Splunk software? Then you just might be the Splunk community champion we've been looking for.

The Ecosystem Award
Splunk has a rich ecosystem of partners that help deliver, extend and enrich every Splunk deployment. Nominate and share details about how you’re working with any Splunk partner(s) to recognize their contribution to your Splunk implementation. You can nominate individuals or organizations in this category.


Just check out the nominations page for some common questions and their answers, as well as a link to the official rules and all that jazz. 🎶

Ready to Nominate?

Great! Just hop over and fill out the nomination form today!

Best of luck, my community nerd friends!

- Bryan Jennewein, Sr. Director - Splunk Community

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