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Introducing the Splunk Community Dashboard Challenge!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to Splunk Community Dashboard Challenge! This is your chance to showcase your skills in creating visually stunning and unique dashboards using Splunk. Whether you are a Splunk expert or just getting started, we would love for you to participate and unleash your creativity!

Dashboard Contest.png

Create a Splunk dashboard that visualizes and analyzes data around a theme of your choice. The theme could be related to any area that demonstrates the versatility of Splunk. Showcase your visualizations, and you could win .conf24 passes, Splunk Store gift cards and an exclusive feature in our .conf24 Global Broadcast and webinars!

The contest will run for 5 weeks starting 05/13 and you can submit an entry only once.

Enter HERE!


Click the link or image above for more details, including requirements and judging criteria.

Looking for inspiration or assistance?

Check out the Dashboards and Visualizations board on Splunk Answers. For questions on Dashboard e-learning Course Ask in Training & Certification board on Splunk Answers

You can also check out the Dashboard Studio Tutorial and demo and Splunk Dashboard Studio Documentation.

For questions or suggestions, drop a comment here or check out the #dashboard-studio or #dashboards_simple_xml channels on our Community Slack. You can request access here.

May the odds be ever in your favor! 

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