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Introducing the 2024 SplunkTrust!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, Splunk Community! We are beyond thrilled to announce our newest group of SplunkTrust members! 


The goal of the SplunkTrust™ program is not to recognize users in the room who know the most about Splunk. Rather, the SplunkTrust program was created to acknowledge and recognize those who go above and beyond to help their fellow Splunk practitioners and who have truly helped shape this wonderful, vibrant community. 

This is an honor that represents a recognition by peers that the person embodies the hallmarks of the program — being helpful, technical, knowledgeable, and readily available. And it comes with perks, too! SplunkTrust members receive the coveted Splunk Fez with membership pin, Splunk EDU credits, and a free pass to .conf24.

Splunk inducts the cohort of SplunkTrust members annually at .conf, which will be happening June 11 - 14 in Las Vegas this year. We’ll be welcoming four new SplunkTrust members, and welcoming back 48 returning members from our previous SplunkTrust selection.

And so, without further ado, we are so excited to announce our .conf24 SplunkTrust cohort:

New 2024 SplunkTrust Members

  • Chris Barrett
  • Bryan Beaulieu
  • Sekar Sundaram
  • Trayton White

Returning SplunkTrust Members

  • Brett Adams
  • Ryan Adler
  • Gareth Anderson
  • Michael Bentley
  • Steven Bochniewicz
  • Mika Borner
  • Antony Bowesman
  • Becky Burwell
  • Suat Celikok
  • Siddhartha Chakraborty
  • Mary Cordova
  • Aleem Cummins
  • Giuseppe Cusello
  • Johannes Effland
  • Mhike Funderburk
  • Sanjay Reddy Gaddam
  • Björn Hansen
  • Vatsal Jagani
  • Chris Kaye
  • Steve Koelpin
  • Tom Kopchak
  • Sebastian Kramp
  • Mariusz Kruk
  • Charles Kuykendall
  • Yuan Liu
  • Rich Mahlerwein
  • Mark McCullough
  • Nick Mealy
  • Madison Moss
  • Martin Müller
  • Cary Petterborg
  • James Sevener
  • David Shpritz
  • Diogo Silva
  • Kyle Smith
  • Ismo Soutamo
  • Daniel Spavin
  • Keara Spoor
  • Balaji Thambisetty
  • Matt Uebel
  • Kamlesh Vaghela
  • Dominique Vocat
  • Duane Waddle
  • Colby Williams
  • Tom Wise
  • Yutaka Yamada
  • Srikanth Yarlagadda
  • Chris Younger

And a huge congrats (and thank you!) to our incredible honorary SplunkTrust members as well! The Honorary Trust is composed of Splunk employees who embody the same wonderful, pioneering spirit that we look for in all SplunkTrustees.

New 2024 Honorary SplunkTrust Members

  • James Hodgkinson

Returning Honorary SplunkTrust Members

  • Karandeep “Deep” Bains
  • Camille Balli
  • John Billings
  • Ari Donio
  • Dustin Eastman
  • Rich Galloway
  • Tedd Hellmann
  • David Hourani
  • Charlie Huggard
  • Kate Lawrence-Gupta
  • Harshil Marvania
  • Caroline McGee
  • Clara Merriman
  • Nadine Miller
  • Matthew Modestino
  • Brian Osburn
  • David Paper
  • Chris Perkins
  • Nate Plamondon
  • Michael Simko
  • Lou Stella
  • Jesse Trucks
  • David Twersky
  • Russell Uman
  • John "Okie" Welch
  • Tom West

Congratulations again to everyone, and we can’t wait to see you at .conf in June!

The Splunk Community Team

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