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Humans That Splunk: Meet Mary Cordova

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Get to know the humans who help improve Splunk through their unique experiences, relationships, and voice!

Mary Cordova is an Incident Response Manager and has worked in the threat detection and response space for various industry leaders in gaming, media, and entertainment. She finds camaraderie as a member of the SplunkTrust and enjoys giving back all that she has learned from the Splunk community.

"I've built my career non-traditionally, and Splunk was a big part of making sure my skills were diversified and marketable, but the communities have made Splunk much more than just a product for me."

Sharing key learnings with the Answers community and SplunkTrust cohorts has been enriching for Mary, and feeling listened to by the members of these groups has made all the difference. Through joining tech communities like Splunk Answers and SplunkTrust, Mary has gotten the feedback and guidance necessary in order to come up with great, collaborative solutions to common problems that you need to work through when learning a new tool.

"I'm amazed by the talent, decency, helpfulness, and just plain awesomeness of the members of the Splunk Trust and the entire Splunk Community, and I'm happy to be a part of that."

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"I needed technical resources to solve problems, and maybe even just someone to vent to, and I got what I needed".  Mary did not want to be seen as someone who is a complainer or inexperienced. But, the supportiveness and empathy demonstrated by these communities saved the day by offering critical resources to help her solve complex technical issues and made her feel heard  even when encountering strong, opposing opinions 😄.

On .conf20 going virtual: "I was hesitant at first, I mean how good can remote events be?  But also, the Splunk Community leaders have organized some awesome remote activities since the pandemic started so I know .conf will be great too."

Getting used to all events now being online has been a challenge for most of us, and we're glad Mary is still psyched about .conf20! Nothing beats those magical face-to-face interactions though, "I will really miss supporting the Splunk Communities as a member of the Trust and paying forward the help I received. I feel like I have valuable knowledge to share and help others with, and I will miss those spontaneous moments that happen at in-person events." She mentioned excitement about BOTS, too!

"I love helping others with tough problems or cool ideas by posting things I've solved or built on Splunk Answers and I hope it's helpful for others."

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— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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