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Humans That Splunk: Meet Frank Vlamings

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Frank_treeclimbing.JPEGAs a Security Consultant at Accenture Security in the Netherlands, Frank Vlamings has been working in the SIEM domain since 2013. He started getting really involved in Splunk Answers a few years later. We asked him what is most meaningful about being a part of Splunk's communities:

"I really enjoy helping others with their questions and at the same time honing my own skills by learning from comments of other members, and digging into challenging questions."

Frank_BOTS.JPEGIn 2016, when a client Frank was working with decided to migrate from their legacy SIEM to Splunk ES, it was a turning point in his career that opened the door for expansion.

"Splunk has provided an opportunity for me to develop myself as the local Splunk expert and I've been involved in big Splunk Security projects ever since."

Frank is a big fan of .conf and has enjoyed the breakout sessions, BOTS!, and generally engaging with online Splunk friends in-person at this event that we look forward to all year. As .conf21 evolves, the expectation is potentially a hybrid approach, offering both virtual and in-person opportunities to connect. Whether it's IRL or online, we will be learning, sharing, and partying together this October no matter what!

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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