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Dungeons & Data Monsters: Splunk O11y Day Edition!


The Community is THRILLED to announce the next exciting edition of Dungeons & Data Monsters: Splunk O11y Day Edition… coming to you on 5/4 & 5/5!


What the heck is “Dungeons & Data Monsters”? 

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 11.56.29 AM.png

Dungeons & Data Monsters is our fun, Splunk-y spin on the popular tabletop role-playing game, “Dungeons and Dragons” (5th Edition). Our inaugural version launched last year as part of .conf20, and this next installment will have an extra-special twist or two to celebrate both our Community B-sides conference and upcoming “Splunk O11y Day” (deets on O11y Day later this week!)


Did someone say SWAG?!?

YEP! And we’re giving away tons…for our live viewers, for anyone entering for a chance to be a player, and for the lucky final folks selected to play live! We’ve got a special hardcover Splunk recipe book, exclusive Dungeons & Data Monsters dice sets, drones… and much more. The goods just keep on comin’, and it’s all for you, our beloved community.



Did you say we can PLAY... LIVE?

Think you’ve got what it takes to save the Splunk Cloudom from whatever evils and perils lurk? Are you an avid DnD 5e (or similar) gamer on the reg? Think you can role play your heart out for an EXTRA SPECIAL prize? Want a chance to play alongside possible celebrity guest player(s)?

We’re looking for a few brave heroes to join us and play Dungeons & Data Monsters LIVE!

UPDATE: Our Call for Players is now closed, but you can still tune in live and help our players!

Just comment below for your chance to play DnD live!

Registering for your chance is easy, just post a comment below with your idea for a player character and — and be sure to include the following:

  • Character Name
  • Character Race
    (learn more about DnD 5e race options here!)
  • Character Class(es)
    (learn more about DnD 5e class options here!)
  • A bit of your character’s background
    (Bonus points for Splunk-y ones, obvi)
  • A bit about your preferred playing style(s)
    (Hack-and-slash? Award-winning thespian? Sherlock-level problem tackler? Etc...)
  • What else should we know? Why should we pick you to play?
    (Do you bring props to Zoom? Do you dress up? Will your bard sing all their spells?)

Is it cool if I just watch?

Heck yeah! (And don’t forget our live viewers can grab cool prizes, too, just for tuning into the livestream on Splunk’s Twitch channel ( 

Roll with advantage, lovies!

~ Your Humble Sr. Director of Community… Bryan 🙂 

UPDATE: Our Call for Players is now closed, but tune in live for your chance to help our players AND claim your free swag!

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