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Dungeons & Data Monsters: 3.0 — Updates and Our 2.0 One-Shot Adventure

Community Manager
Community Manager

Over the past year, THOUSANDS of Splunk community members joined us for Dungeons & Data Monsters (D&DM) at .conf20 and D&DM 2.0: Splunk 011y Day Edition, helping our heroes save the Splunk Cloudom time and again.

Since then, there's been lots of interest in the next exciting installment of this fun and Splunk-y spin on the classic tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. There's also been an overwhelming number of requests for a take-home version of our game, so DnD enthusiasts can play on their own. get both!


Dungeons & Data Monsters One-Shot for YOU!

We've talked about've asked for we're making many of the materials and game assets available for you to have and enjoy. You can download the game and its assets here: 

So When's the Next Dungeons & Data Monsters? (Early December!)

Very likely, D&DM 3.0 will take place (virtually) in early December. We had originally hoped to offer our next fun installment of Dungeons & Data Monsters as part of our hybrid .conf21 experience, but with the late shift to an entirely virtual event, we wanted to ensure our attendees could focus on some truly exceptional core .conf content this year. 

In preparation for our next exciting adventure...are you interested in being a player? Have an idea for an adventure arc? Have you home-brewed a fun-and-Splunk-y spell or magic item? Sound off below in the comments, shoot me a private message! 

More information on the next Dungeons & Data Monsters game will be coming at you shortly after .conf21, which in case you missed it, is now totally virtual and totally free. So if you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for?

And until then...roll with advantage, nerds!

- Bryan Jennewein, Sr. Director - Splunk Community

Community Manager
Community Manager


Path Finder

Sad to hear about the delay but always excited for another session. I defiantly want in on this again!

Will keep in touch with you in PMs so we don't spoil anything for DEC!

Parser Index


I'm very interested to here how it evolves this year.

Any Cthulhu and Cyber Security themes?


I would love to play.


@bjennewein I was literally about to email you to ask about this when I originally saw your post.   I'd love to play this year!   The last few events have been a blast.   Besides, I need to know which bar Cab met Piper in?!? �


Also, I think a fun story arc would be around a flood of data, and how magical actions known as ingest modifiers allow the group to stem the flow.