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September 2020 UX Updates to

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Splunk community!

First and foremost, thank you for all the constructive feedback after the launch of our new Splunk Community site. We knew there would be plenty of room for improvement creating a new home for our community programs, and we wanted to make sure we prioritized what was most top of mind for you as best we could for this first round of UX changes. 

The following updates have been made to this month based on reports gathered from the Feedback board, our community moderators, and direct messages to our team:

  • Threaded replies are now implemented throughout the site to make it easier to understand who is responding to who.
  • Title/Subject lines for every reply in a thread were removed to save page real estate.
  • Home page now has an “Unreplied” filter you can select to view all newest topics with 0 replies.
  • Home page “View more posts” button lazy loader replaced with pagination.
  • Visible line separation between topics on all pages with lists of topics (home page, category pages, boards, user profiles), no longer relying on just whitespace.
  • Smaller font size and reduced whitespace to reduce excessive scrolling.
  • Fixed issue with missing About Me bios in user profiles.
  • Fixed bug of the top of images not being visible when clicking on an image in posts to view a larger version.
  • New Topics I’ve Started section in user profiles to view all topics/questions a specific you’ve posted.
  • New Rank Leaderboard component on the home page to see all ranks that have been attained in the community and by who.
  • New page added to search tags, accessed by clicking “View All” in the Tags component on any board’s page.
  • Subscribe options on topics/questions were updated to show Subscribe to Message for individual posts, and Subscribe to Topic for the entire thread (Options menu).

We appreciate everyone adapting to the new Splunk Community home the past several months, and know that we welcome any and all suggestions to continuously create a better experience over time. Please let us know what you’d like to see in the future for our Splunk Community home by posting constructive feedback in our Feedback board, following these guidelines. These should be in the realm of suggested UX/UI improvements, and we’ll monitor and document items as they come in.

If you are experiencing something with the site that is more along the lines of a bug, please address those directly to instead of posting on the Feedback board. Someone from our team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Thanks for being a part of the Splunk Community!

Splunk Community Manager

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