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Coming Soon: How Splunk Has Helped Your Career


Hello wonderful Splunk Community!

UPDATE:  This year's Career Survey has closed, and we will be sharing the results soon!


TL;DR: We've preparing the results from a survey abour how Splunk has impacted your career!

We are partnering with ESG to conduct research on the impact Splunk experience and expertise has on individual’s careers. We think the results from this survey can help identify areas of opportunity from college courses to the certification process. Additionally, we hope it will highlight the high demand for Splunk skills. 

This year's survey asked questions about you, your company, your knowledge and use of Splunk products, and your career. All of the information you provided will be anonymized and summarized. Neither you, nor your individual responses will be identified in the results in any way. 

We will:

  • Anonymize and summarize the data across all responses
  • Publish the results and share them back to the community

We will NOT:

  • Use your responses for any marketing
  • Share your responses with any recruiters, partners or vendors

Participation was completely voluntary, and the choice to participate or not participate will have no impact on participation in other Splunk’s communities or programs.

Stay tuned for survey results soon!


Your Community Team

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