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Show thresholds values along with the visualization panel

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I am using radialGauge to display the metric value and addding thresholds to it. I want to show the threshold values along with the visualization by using CSS, as my organization Splunk team not allowing to add JS code from teams perspective development. Or any visualization to show the single value along with its threshold values showing on the board would help.





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The typical way to convey threshold in gauge charts is through ranges and color coding. For example, to display a gauge with a single "threshold" at 25000 and a maximum value of 50000:

| makeresults
| eval count=30000
| gauge count 0 25000 50000

As you've noted, though, the label doesn't always fall on the threshold. You would need to set ranges with an understanding of how the charting code bins them for display.

In line, area, column, and bar charts, you can use an eval (or any other method) to set a field value for an overlay:

| gentimes start=03/13/2021:00:00:00 increment=1h
| eval _time=starttime
| eval sample=100*random()/2147483647
| timechart span=1h avg(sample) as sample
| eval threshold=90


However, single values render as a point rather than a line:

| makeresults
| eval sample=100*random()/2147483647
| eval threshold=90


Annotations may be useful, but they only work on a subset of charts.

Can you provide a more detailed mockup of how and where you'd like thresholds to appear?

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