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How to pass Splunk Cloud verification for my Python script using the HTTP requests module?


My script works great On-Premise, but Splunk Cloud rejects it

I use the requests module to do HTTPS requests like this one

response =, auth=(user, pwd), headers=headers ,data=data)

In Splunk Cloud it gets rejected because it thinks it might be insecure, when passing parameters to the requests module, I must do parameter=

Possible insecure HTTP Connection. Match: Positional arguments, ["?"]; Keyword arguments, {"auth": "?", "headers": "?", "data": "?"} File: bin/ Line Number: 46

I don't know how to fix this.

Anyone knows how to pass this test?

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were you able to solve the problem? The same is happening to me.


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Before calling, add something like:

if not url.startswith("https"):
    logger.critical("URL must be HTTPS")

This way when they vet your app they can see that a non-https url couldnt be used.  

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