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How to change Account Bar interace ?



I want to change how account bar looks like. Normally, in the account bar, there are user status, apps option, manager, alert, job,logout. Can i manually config those options for each kind of user ?
For example : normal user 1 just sees his status and log-out link, more advanced user can see more given apps for him in apps option and alert link also appears...

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I have same isseu: Any advice? I see that in AccountBar.html with
userLabel = cherrypy.session['user']['name']
userFullName = cherrypy.session['user'].get('fullName', userLabel)
is possible to recover user name? How i can recover user roles? Thanks

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You could wrap some logic around each link, check out the splunk/share/splunk/search_mrsparkle/modules/nav/AccountBar.html for more details.

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