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I am trying to get Splunk to be my one source for our team's needs. Right now we have 3 different sites providing services in PHP. I am rewriting these apps in Python (basic MySQL reads and writes) and want to display the results in a Splunk app. I have been digging through the various documentation online and get more and more confused every time I start try to write the code.

My question is, how can I get Python to return data to Splunk? Is there a specific module I can use?

If I can just get to the point where I have a button in my app, then click it and "Hello World!" is displayed in a div, I can run from there.

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Have you taken a look at our Python SDK ?

You can use this to execute Splunk searches and integrate the results into your application and also send events from your Python app directly into Splunk. There is also a PHP SDK.

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You have 2 options:

1- Scripted Input: Manager » Data inputs » Add data » Run and collect the output of a script: From the dock:
"there are times when you want to use scripts to feed data to Splunk for indexing, or prepare data from a non-standard source so Splunk can properly parse events and extract fields."

2- Modular Input: From the doco...
"Modular Inputs allows you to extend the Splunk framework to define a custom input capability. Splunk treats your custom input definitions as if they were part of Splunk's native inputs." **Asterisks mine

Your decision will be based on your use case. Try to use a modular input over a scripted one. Regardless, Splunk will work with your data either way.

I would first recommend creating a small test index, such as "zdev" Manager > Indexes to hold your data until you get the desired results. I always keep test indexes for this sort of thing.

I hope this helps. Don't forget to vote or accept this answer.


Option 3 would be a custom search command.

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