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Deleting Data from KV Store


Hi Team,

We have a kvstore with about ~95 million events dating back to 3 years.

Key of the kvstore is unique numeric field. We also have timestamp among other fields.

We have requirement to only retain only 1 year worth of data.

I would like to know what would be the best way to get rid of old data.

Also is there a way to specify to drop any data which is older than 1 year going forward like index retention time.

We have clustered sh and indexer environment.

We are at Splunk version 6.11

Thank you!

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Hi newbie2tech,

You need to create a mongo formatted query (since kvstore is a mongodb at its core, albeit a modified mongodb, so you can't just point a mongodb tool at it to manage it.)

Like so, if you have a query to look at your kvstore like so:

 |inputlookup my_kv_store where LastUpdateTime<1551139200

in Mongodb query format that would look like so:

 {"LastUpdateTime": {"$lt": 1551139200}}

Next, you need to take that and url encode it, using a tool like: which turns this:

{"LastUpdateTime": {"$lt": 1551139200}}

Into this:


Lastly, run the following from a command line that supports curl, and can access your Splunk search head:

curl -k -u admin:changeme -X DELETE https://splunkhost:8089/servicesNS/nobody/<appname_where_kvstore_is_defined>/storage/collections/dat...

Making sure you replace the and placeholders with the actual values relevant to your environment and pasting your mongo query after the query= point in the command.

Last point, measure twice, cut once.. Maybe create a test kvstore, put some dummy data in it and test this before you run it against your 3 years kvstore data and accidentally blow it all away. A backup of the kvstore might also be in order before this. (Call me paranoid).

Good luck.

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