wmi.conf "interval" and "batch_size"

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I'm using Windows Universal Forwarder (UF) 7.1.2 in my test environment.

Windows 2012 R2 (gets security event from Remote Host)

Windows 2008 R2

The URL link below writes that parameters of "interval" and "batch_size" are valid for remote WMI input. (Please see "WMI:TailApplicationLogs" part, for instance.)

After reading that page, I assume that conf file below, for example, lets UF poll 1 event in 600 seconds.
It dose not seem getting 1 event in 600 seconds.
On the contrary, it just gets all events it can get as soon as Remote Host output events.

-----wmi.conf START-----
interval = 600
event_log_file = Security
server = XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
disabled = 0
current_only = 1
batch_size = 1
-----wmi.conf END-----

I can not install UF directory into Remote Host due to some constraint.
Plus, I want to control WMI's usage of netwrok traffic by controlling "interval" and "batch_size", since the amount of events is really enormous. I'm afraid to put so much load on the network.

Here are my questions:
Is my assumption wrong?
Did I set some value wrong?
Does it work on only local host?
Or is it due to some known issues?

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