how to handle ERROR ArchiveContext , Decompression error

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Hello Splunkers ,

Good day

I am stuck with one problem where i am monitoring .gz files using UF and getting the data on splunk as expected .
But when i have checked splunkd.log in that i am seeing below error

08-14-2019 02:34:43.158 -0500 ERROR ArchiveContext - From archive='E:\Tanium\Tanium Module Server\services\connect-files\output\SavedQuestion\Splunk-Running-Processes-with-MD5-Hash\Splunk-Running-Processes-with-MD5-Hash_2019-08-13T15-42-22.gz': Decompression error

Can anybody suggest how to get rid of it .

Thanks in advance

Kannu (manish kumar)

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