Yet another Windows Splunk Forwarder uninstall question

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Hi everyone, so far not seeing a simpler solution for me.

Windows Server 2008 R2 w/ 5.0.4 Build 172409 splunk.exe version 1280.1024.0.41337
Tasks with uninstalling this version and getting a newer one on.

No GUI uninstall - didn't stamp the install in Pro &Fea

From -
MsiExec.exe /X splunkforwarder-5.0.4-172409-x64-release.msi --> failed to uninstall "action only valid for ..."

From other Q& A threads...
MsiExec.exe /X {48B2063C-F059-4887-8898-0A74BB3A5115} --> failed to uninstall "action only valid for ..."

Finding no keys for the following ...

Will I be just piece-milling this uninstall?

thx for the help here

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