Unable to connect to SQL Server 2017

my Splunk 7.0.1 unable to connect my sqlserver 2017 with Ao setup.
Not sure how ro where i can add this

turn on: MultiSubnetFailover=true

just to add , what change in MSSQL 2017

TCP port for 2017 is 7203.
Changes in MSSQL 2017 AO

The MSSQL 2017 instance with AO setup on multiple, like 4 IP's. So if you do an nslookup you get back all 4 IP's. Then the client is supposed to connect to all 4 and ask each one, are you read/write or read/only. Then depending on the query type the client can use whatever connection it wants.

To connect to 2017 the driver / client MUST be AO aware.
AO setup for 2017. AO aware makes for much better fail-over. If the DB's ever move the clients detect the change instantly.

for sqlserver 2012 n 14 working because
The 2014 and 2012 instances are setup to support systems that are not AO aware, and we use DNS changes to update clients which can take 2 minutes, so when a fail-over occurs we can see a loss of connection to SQL for up to 2 minutes.

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