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While testing sales force TA app (Version 1.0.0) with UAT salesforce connection there was no issue. After changing the salesforce connection to production started to receive following error. Even the connection does not reach salesforce. Kindly let me know if you have faced similar issue and the solution for this.

2019-10-31 11:09:15,089 +0000 log_level=ERROR, pid=39628, tid=MainThread,, func_name=check_login_result, code_line_no=127 | [stanza_name=LoginHistory] UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

2019-10-31 11:09:15,087 +0000 log_level=ERROR, pid=39628, tid=MainThread,, func_name=_send_request, code_line_no=465 | [stanza_name=LoginHistory] The response status=500 for request which url= and method=POST.


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